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Moving to colorado

November 17, 2019

Living in Florida my whole life, it was all I knew: warm weather and the beach. Florida I know like the back of my hand and was comfortable in my travels throughout it. As soon as my friends and I got our licenses we were off. Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, cocoa beach, Daytona, if it was a major city or beach, we were there. Let’s not forget about Florida college towns. So at thirty years old when my husband texted me and said I got a Job offer in Denver my next two words were “lets go!” Three months later I was flying to colorado with an eight month old to a state I had never been to. This was our new home.

mile high city

I knew nothing about Denver except it was close to the Rockies and marijuana is legal. Picking somewhere to Live without ever being there was a little difficult but we managed. With everything being in walking distance in the city, we lucked out in finding a newly developed area in Denver called Stapleton and turned out loving our area. When I flew in and drove to my new home I could not even take in the view. It’s almost too many jaw dropping views for your eyes to process at once. If you have ever been to the Rockies you know, pictures will never do it justice. Denver to my surprise is a very old city founded in 1858 and sits just east of the Rocky Mountains.

The great outdoors

If you live in colorado chances are you love the outdoors. With so much to offer outside it is heaven to outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you like running, hiking, fishing, camping, mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding, we have it all. In the mountains or out on a trail, people are out and they are moving. This is probably one of my favorite things about colorado. My family and I are always outside and we love a great adventure!

The Rockies

The Rocky Mountains are absolutely beautiful. You cannot even grasp how large they are unless you live here or travel through them. Living here a year I can tell you I have only just began to explore it’s unique beauty and wonders. Starting in New Mexico and ending in northwest Canada this mountain range is 1,900 miles long. With majority of the highest peaks located in Colorado, one can imagine why everyone is outdoors. We hike about every weekend and its always a great climb with an amazing view virtually everywhere we go.

Colorado was one of the best decisions I could have made for my family! We are incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity to be here. We love it here and it automatically felt like home. Just this past month we made it officially permanent and we could not be happier! A lot of blogging will be about things to do and places to go in colorado so stay tuned! Also any recommendations will always be appreciated.


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