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Hello and welcome. Thanks so much for stoping by. I took a lot of time to create this blog so I hope you enjoy. It is a completely representation of all things Niccole Alise.

With that being said my name is Niccole. Iโ€™m 30 years old and currently living sky high in Colorado. I am a wife to a wonderful man and soon to be mother of two. I have been a cosmetologist for 9 years and enjoy all things Beauty related.

I created this blog after becoming a stay at home mom as a means for me to be creative and help whomever I can. I recently started getting into photography and found its another way for me to be an artist. I enjoy writing and expressing my personality through posts, so with all that, this blog was created. This blog will be all things women, mother, travel, health, beauty and fitness with very little to zero waste mentality and with keeping climate activism in focus.

Iโ€™m still new to blogging so please bare with me as I figure out my flow. I hope you enjoy my blog, if you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out.

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